Simple TLS for OpenVPN

Simple TLS is a Silverlight-based certificate manager that I developed for my personal use with OpenVPN. Here is the original description:

I use OpenVPN to connect to my home as well as my workplace when I need to access something on a particular network, or when I just want to be sure that my network traffic isn't being monitored or intercepted when I'm using public Wi-Fi. Recently, I've been having lots of issues with the provided "easy-rsa" system of managing the TLS certificates required for OpenVPN. The latest versions of the software seem to just refuse to work properly. I got tired enough of it that I decided to implement my own TLS certificate management app, and that's how Simple TLS for OpenVPN came into existence. I store my certificates and private keys in secure locations, and I didn't really want this app to have direct access to them. Additionally, in order to make everything easier, I decided to make the app Web-based. Now, if you're a security minded person, your first thought would naturally be, "hell no". Here's why you should reconsider. First, this app is written in Silverlight. That is, the server sees absolutely nothing of what's being generated or accessed (aside from the .xap file being downloaded). Second, it's open source! You can check the code, and you can compile your own version if you'd like.

Simple TLS can do the following:

Launch Simple TLS

Download source code